上海丝婳时装设计中心 Shanghai sihua fashion design atelier


Chinese (high-end) consumers are not
treated with sincerityFrom
Da Vinci furniture to Mercedes
carsEven buying luxury goods
abroadThey are often
treated differentlyEven a toilet
seatThey also have to go to
neighboring countries to buy...

Through the last glow of
ChanelDior's confusion and
struggleThe pride and despair
of the only remaining ArmaniIt all
ends in dust.On another piece
of landBut a flower grewThis may
surprise youMagnificent flowers.

She carries with her the legacy
of the book of songsWith
the valor of magnoliaThe
heroic spirit of qing zhaoHui because
of the poetry, reiki
and feelingsIt won't
wash with five thousand yearsHistory
is not dead yetA pure heartCome as a goddess

(yellow below)
This is the cry of lifeFrom the
valleyBut you can't hearBut
only in another unknown space and
timeTo see the ecstasy of your
heartTrembling of the soulAs
well asA smile at the corners
of his mouth.Shuyuan
(our company, the same below)
ries to create oneTheir
own aesthetic systemDeja vuBut
never knewLeads you to
a seemingly familiarBut never
really reached the new
world.Shuyuan tries to
reestablish a value systemMaybe
it's recoveryMaybe it's what
our hearts desireBut never
really practiced itThe ultimate
humanity dream.neverIt's not
the clothes that are aheadBut
the mindWith the idea of taking
the leadLeading costumesAny area.
The world has come to
this momentIs to become more
and more integratedAnd lose
their individualityOr
because I knowGetting more
and more divided?
This may be a product for
humansAnd to humans
themselvesDifferent solutions
The creation of shuyuanIt
is the deconstruction
of Chinese and western
cultureThe fusionAnd new
expressionsHope can be
annihilatedThe gap
between the twoTo
reach a balance.

(text green below)
For a long timeDesigners
and consumersIt's like
standing on both sides
of a chasmWhatever
the consumer expects
and criesThe other person
can't hear youJust self-interested
selling their own
If you're not an expert
in silk yourselfLong-term
wearersIf not ten yearsClose
contact with consumersThousands
of exchangesHow can you
gain insight into your customers?
That's whyShuyuan reformed
the clothing in many aspectsOn
the fabric treatment,
structure and wearing method
Process, manufacturing methods
and even industry normsSome
of these are the diseases that
have been common, routine
and invisible in the garment
industry for thousands of
yearschallengedAnd a successful
makeover.That's why shuyuan's
productAfter six years of
preparation, three years of/br> research and developmentThe
reason it just went publicIn
spite of thisMany products
are still leading the worldProof
of her originality.
todayThe clothing industry has come
to a point where it has to go
out of businessMust eliminate
the homogeneity
the inferior inferiorproductOtherwise
is the waste of resources
and environmental pollution!

(cyan)As a technology enthusiastAn
avid player of silkA former
engineer in the so-called
world's top 500 white-collar
Besides innovation, diligence,
fashion expertise is still not
enoughThese are just
the basicsThe most important
thing is one's aestheticsAmbition
in the road not far from
there is no higher skillIs zero.

(in purple)Shuyuan(Elegantlady)
high-end fashion (shenzhen) co.,ltd.
is a brand new high-end fashion
company that designs,
produces and sells custom-made
women's dresses and some of
the best selling items with
unique designs and relatively
easy production.Shuyuan
specializes in high fashion
in summer silk dresses and
other natural fabrics.
Especially suitable for
the hottest season.
The hottest days are finally
over without a T-shirtWalking
air conditioning.Shuyuan's
products are dedicated to
extreme functionality, humanization,
and ergonomics."No air conditioner "
is one of its green credentials.
"Dress up in three seconds "
is one of its concepts.
No age limit,Suitable for
multiple occasionsOne
dress itself in several
ways to wear.The lines and
exquisite structure
behind the simple, easy,
flexible flow are actually
exquisite, harsh cutting,
a huge amount of tedious
modification and improvement.
For example, a half skirt
light white billet made
more than 30 pieces,
several pieces of legitimate,
can be 360 degrees direction
rotation wear, each Angle is
a different shape.It is not
difficult to make a shape,
but it is difficult to make
a complex shape with silk,
especially some silk,
extremely comfortable but
extremely difficult to operate,
just like holding a loach on
the above inscription is as difficult.
The silk garments you see
are generally of a simple,
unobstructed structure,
and that's why, especially
the best kind of silk.
Instead of dividing the dress
into front and back, as is the norm,
the woman is three-dimensional,
and when you raise your arms,
the scene is below the waist.
Shuyuan objected to
the statement and
practice that beautiful
haute couture must have lining
to appear haute couture.
All of shuyuan's summer
dresses had no lining on
their backs. How easy is it
to add a small piece of lining?
It can seal in all the
ugly parts of the cloth border,
which is convenient and "superior".
No, after a "no,"
there was an endless and
enormous challenge, the time
and cost of making sure that
"thin and comfortable,"
all the ugliness that
could have been hidden
in a single letter could
have been resolved in broad
daylight. Despite the unanimous
opposition of the lathe workers,
the line was adhered to from
beginning to end.Shuyuan's
fashion was designed and
made with the goal of durability.
A lot of production from
the birth of the idea
to the structure, fabric selection,
printing creation, production,
accessories production customization,
washing water test, etc.,
the process takes 3 years or more.
Each piece is artisan craftsmanship
and temperature.Properly dressed
and groomed, you can wear it for
three to five years or for life.
This is also one of shu yuan's
environmental advocacy,
values.Shuyuan's silks don't really
need much care. They can
be gently hand-washed.
Most products don't
need ironing. Our wash
label will tell you tips.
Repeated washing tests also consume
a lot of our time and cost.
Simple dresses can be washed,
but haute couture never can.
It's basically dry-cleaned.
We don't fall behind the so-called
fashion, on the contrary,
we leave the superficial
fashion far behind.
All design and production to
ensure that not out of date
in five years or more. Extreme comfort
is the goal of shu yuan's
pursuit, such as the second skin,
considerate, caring for
your body.Accord with human
body engineering, the
design of women health care,
to the extreme comfort as the goal,
relaxed, changing way of
wearing and occasions,
create women need the most,
no special care, and that one
can permanently, circulating
and commuter, silence,
like a gentle water, reflect your
beautiful heart and realm,
elegant, high IQSuitable for
intelligent women. There
are always unexpected surprises
and features to explore.
Vega cool is the second spiritual
core of shuyuan.Products
are divided into four categories:
Princess fashion degree four stars
(refer to the princess of Jordan,
the princess of Spain (except low price),
Kate's style, but there is
no style similarity between
shuyuan and these the products).
Stars of the regular type
rarely refer to the selection
of people including science
and technology professionals
and fashion professionalsWhite
- collar four - star non- bureaucratic
administrative class.Universal
fashion three-stareveryone
can wear including the first
three types of people.
Anyone may purchase all categories.
Products are produced according
to the same standard,
just the cost and status of
the classification of professional
occasions.Princess class
and star class many products
worldwide only one. Customers
can customize different colors
and materials, and even change
the local structure to customize
the global production of
only one product.The latter
two levels are also limited edition,
as well as light customization,
need to add part of the
customization fee.(in white)
About the designerChinese
costume structural designer.
The reformer and innovator of
clothing structure. Silk drape draping,
human body soft sculpture modeling
advanced players.More than
10 years of experience,
Midas touch image designers.
Video selection success rate
above 80% (VIP only).An avid
science enthusiast and expert
in silk fabrics.Is also
the world's major color science
researchers. Through more than
ten years of practice research
on Chinese women, we find the
gorgeous, quietly elegant,
public and steady colors that
that are suitable for them.
At present the company has
the following five brands,
corresponding to different degrees
of fashion products.
The first products will
be available before summer 2020
(complex products can be
customized months to a year
in advance and kept secret)